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The Games Continue

The Games Continue

by The MoleJune 29, 2009

3:11pm EDT: While the Yen was busting higher today the ole’ buck took it up the rectum:

However, as long as we don’t breach that red line the bullish scenario is still in play – wish they wouldn’t tease it out so much but that’s the name of the game of course.

The 10-year treasuries are bouncing back nicely – as predicted a week ago.

Another perspective on this – the 10-year treasury yield (TNX) – we sliced through an important diagonal support line like butter and to my chagrin we didn’t get a retest (thus far). If we do I’d be shorter than a midget in a limbo contest.

And then here’s some spin on recent market manipulation – wake me up when they say something we don’t know yet. BTW, I love her accent – very sexy – what’s that, Aussie or Kiwi?

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