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Third Touchdown!

Third Touchdown!

by The MoleAugust 13, 2009

2:23pm EDT: I have been quiet since this morning as I have been working on some geronimo research with Eric. However, I just peeked at my trusted channel and voila – what do I see?

Third touchdown! We are building a real channel here – rats! Of course a breach would bring about soddom and gomorroa – you know cats doing it with dogs, pigs flying, all that good stuff.

“These men are consummate snowball artists…”

LOL – sounds a bit like Bernanke and Geithner 😉

BTW, if this is a third wave that’s sub-dividing into 1-2s the next spike is going to brutal.

2:40pm EDT: I need to point something out that most of you seem to be missing (at least based on the confused comments I’m seeing): The chart above is probably the most important one I have posted in the past quarter. Reason being that we now have a lower boundary for this bear market rally. Up until now nothing really lined up until we got that new bottom on the 11th, when suddenly everything fell into place. I then proceeded to add 25% and 75% lines in addition to the 50% line. As you can see it almost lines up perfectly.

This channel will be key in identifying when Primary {2} might come to an end. Nothing is guaranteed but a breach of the lower boundary in combination with perhaps a swing upwards in the BAA-TYX spread would be a strong suggestion that the end is nigh.

I don’t want to get too excited about this yet – a few more touches/tests on this one would actually encourage me, so for now – as strange as this might sound – the best news for the bears is for this channel border to be defended by the bulltards. Hope this makes sense.

3:45pm EDT: News Flash: I had it with Lester and banished him from the evil lair. If the majority of you don’t like it you can kiss my shiny metal ass.

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