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Time For An Upgrade

Time For An Upgrade

by The MoleApril 18, 2017

I was recently encouraged by a reader to move my entire domain to SSL which was something I had been planning for a quite a while but kept forgetting due to my ever growing workload. However then Google suddenly sends me a notification yesterday which stated that any pages with password fields served via HTTP are going to flag a warning, starting… and get this: January 1st, 2017. Well, thanks a lot Google for the timely reminder!

Well, as you can imagine I have been scrambling to upgrade the site since then.  SSL is now working across the entire site, which you can try out by visiting However I also have been working on forcing aMember to use SSL only and if any of you subs (or non-subs) are experiencing any problems logging in or with the site in general then please email me right away at admin@.

Did I mention I hate upgrades? Why do they always make me upgrade? If I had my way I’d still be running a CERN daemon on a NeXT and browse the web with Netscape 1.0. And why would anyone need more 640k of RAM anyway?


Anyway all of this has turned into a huge time sink for me so let’s skip right to the charts. We are still long the E-Mini but it continues to flail around rather annoyingly and I am starting to get a bit antsy here. Which probably means a big move is just about the corner but that’s something I already thought last week, so what do I know. Since we’re long I’d say let’s move our stop to break/even and then see what she’ll do. No reason to force this thing, besides if we get another drop lower then there will most likely a retest of the (still rising) 100-day SMA, which now hovers around 2302.


Silver has decided to come to daddy but I want it at 18.3 exactly and I want it now. And we all know I always get exactly the fill I want, right?  

Some Tape Reading

Now all kidding aside there is a reason why I’m such a stickler with this and some other entries I have been waiting for. It doesn’t require a PhD in statistics for you to figure out that we are currently in very volatile market period across the board. We are seeing oscillating tape in once trending sectors (e.g. equities) while others seem to be getting ready for a break out after months of sideways action (e.g. bonds). Which is another way of saying that we may be heading for a regime change. Which means that you may have to adjust the basket of symbols you feel comfortable trading. Being married to a particular sector or worse, maintaining a directional bias all evidence to the contrary can and often will turn out to be a losing proposition.


The EUR/USD seems to be confirming my idea yesterday which was that a big move to the upside was in the making. And most likely you ain’t seen nothing yet – if Le Pen winds up losing this Sunday then expect a hard run to the upside. Anyway, if you’re a sub and took a long position yesterday then I suggest you move your stop up to break/even now.

Speaking of which – three more extra juicy charts below the fold:


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