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Told Ya So

Told Ya So

by The MoleMay 5, 2011

I don’t rub it in very often – unless of course the retail piggies really really deserve it.

This is one of those times:

Log of events:

  • Mole puts up a post on silver last Sunday evening warning of a reset in silver – find it here: Magnificent Exponentials
  • The next morning ZeroHedge puts up a post pointing to a purported flash crash in gold for no apparent reason whatsoever.
  • Mole makes a comment stating that both gold and silver are in the last stage of an exponential curve and are due to correct short term.
  • Mole’s comment incurs the instant wrath of gold bugs and reaches junk limit in a matter of minutes.
  • Tyler (to his credit) points out that he is expecting a short term correction. ZH mob continues to junk all my responses.
  • Mole sacrifices chicken (from Whole Foods) and swears bloody revenge.
  • Silver and gold both tumble for five days in a row.

And no – I didn’t have my gentle feelings hurt by those muppets over at ZH – in the end simple mathematics and basic probability theory did them in just fine. Incidentally the very same forces that will put a permanent reset to business as usual over here in the United States not too long from now. But that’s a different story and Karl Denninger is doing a good job in the bitching department.

I personally am not interested in opinions, convictions, blog politics, what have you. All I care about are profits and to protect my readers from financial mayhem. But I would lie if I said that I wasn’t feeling a bit of Schadenfreude over the fact that ample punishment was dished to those very same schmucks who junked me just a few days ago.

Well, what can I say – I told ya so 😉

BTW, this is the third time I have been doing this – the first two times were over at the SOH. Similar flow of events – very same outcome. Frankly – I love it when that happens, because it never fails.

Feel free to spread the word. I for one have given up on wasting my time with those wankers.



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