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Tuesday Wrap Up

Tuesday Wrap Up

by The MoleApril 7, 2009

There was absolutely no direction in the tape today – yeah, we wound up a few points lower but the whipsaw in between was more than annoying. Glad I was busy coding…

Zero was pretty much flat all day – there was not much participation, especially after about 11:00am EDT. I for sure would not have taken any trades and I can only hope the Zero was useful in keeping everyone out of trouble. However if the tape didn’t put you to sleep today there were two nice divergences on the Zero Lite (right side) which I have framed in orange. Both times the tape was painting a blow off top while the Lite’s signal started dropping. See – even on a pain in the ass day like this the Lite is useful – but hey – I’m biased of course 😉

Evil.rat fans: I’m getting really close with wrapping up the first release of evil.rat – got a heck of a lot done in the past few days and I’m going to do my first real live test tomorrow. I had to learn a lot about C# (after all I’m only a Java guru) but was lucky to dig up the right references – one of them involved object comparisons via Linq – if that means anything to you – hehehe…

Zero subscribers: If you have an SMS # and would like to participate in a test please shoot me a message to admin [at] evilspeculator with ‘Beta Test’ in the subject line. I won’t have time to chat and won’t respond unless you are selected. This is the skinny:

  • You need to be a Zero subscriber (sorry, but I don’t have time to manually create memberships for anyone).
  • You need to have an SMS # – anywhere in the world – non U.S. numbers are fine.
  • You will have to log into your account after I sent you a confirmation message confirming you have been accepted and add your SMS number:
  • You will get a week’s worth of one of the evil.rat subscriptions valid until next Tuesday.
  • There will be live data and it will run against the real indicator – not the test data I have been using thus far during development.
  • You can choose to take trades as soon as I post the GO here but I would be very cautious until then.
  • First 20 will be accepted (and I might make exceptions for a few seniors here).

Ready – set – GO!!

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