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Updated CrazyIvan Results

Updated CrazyIvan Results

by The MoleMarch 30, 2014

I just returned from Alicante which I found to be one of the more insignificant towns I have visited here in Spain – suffice to say that I probably won’t be back. Due to another rain storm I found some time to update the CrazyIvan stats which are copied below:

Since the last update we had a little swing back down which is very interesting as Scott recommended that I would turn it off for a week after we pushed near the 50R point (i.e. the second highest peak on this chart). I however declined and would do so again (even in hindsight) as I’m going hardcore Ivan with this system, which means letting it run at all times assuming that our volatility filters will keep us out of the worst. Be this as it may, this may lead to an additional post-streak filter sometime in the future (meaning a year or more from now when it’s very conclusive). Anyway, happy to say that we are closing the month near new highs – you cannot argue with that.


And here’s the updated 2014 graph – again all trades are being reported in real time after they are closed out – I update the charts about once a week. If you are interested in giving CrazyIvan a shot then I suggest you work yourself through the intro/tutorial as well as the order flow page. If you still have questions after all that then feel free to shoot me an email to admin@.

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  • molecool

    BTW, I was elated to return to some very intelligent and inspiring discourse in the comment section this weekend. Maybe there is hope after all? Keep it up guys!! 🙂

    (see previous post:

  • Ivan K

    Perhaps let the internal stats speak for themselves … which seem to be missing from your rendition of my approach.

  • molecool

    Intentional given the main audience.

  • Ivan K

    The old saying of never judge a book by its cover comes to mind … all is a but a reflection of ?

  • mugabe

    as a matter of interest, have you got a maximum expected drawdown in terms of R?

  • molecool

    Does ANYONE read the tutorials? Anyway, here’s a post on the subject:

  • Billabong

    BTW, your comments on nickel (previous Mole post) were useful to me. I have never looked at the nickel market or the producers … I learned something new today … thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Ivan K

    Whatever the max draw has been in the past … as I have written before … double it for a possible future outcome … before your question above can be asked, from my perspective, one needs to establish AND write down what is acceptable … this I refer to as the USL … Ultimate Stop Loss … with absolutely zero regard to the flipside of the equation.

  • phylum

    Regarding “Break of previous High & exit on close of next bar, no stop loss” …. a couple of charts to ponder

    Edit…first chart AUDJPY

  • phylum

    That’s an interesting concept. On our farm we always do our forecast yields with the assumption of ” whatever we reckon, halve it, then halve it again and that will be about right”….

  • phylum

    Interesting, never the less…..