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Wacky Wednesday Wrap Up

Wacky Wednesday Wrap Up

by MoleOctober 7, 2009

Hey Gang Anna here

Another boring Wacky day today.  It just never seems to end! I posted this morning, but Mole posted over me that I believed we were either close to or at the end of Wave 5 in the old greenback.  Well I have a couple of great charts from Berk, since I am juggling 15 different things and am so glad to have his helping hand 😉

He and I are on the same page, so that confirms my charts as well.

So far Bidu has been an awesome trade and I may just ride this one up till earning and then hit reverse.  Up over 12 points I put on the spread when it was up about 7 points.

Zero again told us that there was NO VOLUME and Mole warned all subs not to get too short or long either way. So a great day for Zero.

Also here is the Put Call ratio which all you guys always enjoy…again thanks to Berk for his helping hand!

Ok now for the stats on Evil Rat ES +1.5 and Geronimo +2.5

We all know AA beat earnings so should be an interesting day tomorrow, as I mentioned earlier, I fear that we may retest recent highs 🙁  Have a very great evening all!

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