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Wednesday Telegram

Wednesday Telegram

by The MoleMarch 4, 2009

This is going to be in telegram style as I have very little time tonight – sorry rats:

Orange: There’s a very good chance that we are already in Minor 4 of Intermediate (5). Expect some bumps in the 723 zone as we’ll touch a diagonal resistance line. Next stop is the 23.6% fib line at 736 but in the course of the next few days we may push all the way to 761 – the 38.2% mark.

Blue: This was just a Minute degree correction as part of an extension of {iii} of 3 of (5). Do not breach Wednesday’s highs,  do not pass ‘go’, do not collect 724.

Silver and Gold retraced a tiny bit today – as I’ve mentioned before, any retracement is an opportunity to add to existing puts or short positions.

That’s it for tonight – see you on the other side.


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