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by The MoleDecember 10, 2008

Yes, there is a market forecast for Tuesday night – please go back one entry. However, as many of you have been at least paper trading the Zero today I wanted to make sure you all see this before the opening bell:

I spent all day fixing a f….ing thinkscript bug that I uncovered when tracing today’s tape. Turns out that if you force a plot line color, for some mysterious reason, it’s being moved back one candle point. Insane!! This took me 3 hours to figure out – thought it was a bug in my own code. Anyway, everything is lining up nicely now, but no more pretty colors in the signal line – let’s stick with plain old white.

I also am considering to add another rule to our ZTS: Take a look at the latest snapshot – you will see a new red and green line. If we get a strong signal and those get touched by a spike, entries can be taken before waiting out the hour. Sometimes we get violent slingshot moves and I want to make sure we don’t hop on the bandwagon 30 SPX points later. I think this is a good compromise as I don’t want to introduce more noise close to the actual zero line.

As a matter of fact, adding this allowed me to reduce the noise reduction around the zero line by one decimal point. Which would have gotten us an earlier entry today (sorry – that’s why we call it fine-tuning). I sometimes see brief spikes below the zero, but they are followed by a line up, which I think would alert us fairly quickly. So, I think this might cancel out false positives. The only way to test this properly however is in real-time. Now, before you wet yourself – it’s a detail issue – nothing that breaks the ZTS 😉

I have not have had any time to update the tutorial – probably later this week. It’s a lot of work as I have to render completely new images. And that means I have to recalculate the entries again and update the case study – a lot of work.

Anyway, everything else remains the same – the only addition would be the red/green line early entry rule. Actually, thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


12/10 – 11:16am EST: Berk here… As said before, Mole is very busy dealing with the perfect storm of technology issues.  Trouble around the board on his end, so please bear with us as he pounds out the kinks.  Until further notice, expect the Zero to be “spotty,” meaning sometimes it will upload, and sometimes not.  I encourage you at this point to supplement the Zero with your own TA (which you should have been doing the whole time… Tsk, Tsk…)

Mole will let us know as soon as all the technical difficulties are taken care of.  Until then, expect to see very little from him, as he will be focusing all of his energies towards getting this up and running.

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