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Where Were You On 9/1?

Where Were You On 9/1?

Where Were You On 9/1?

by The MoleSeptember 23, 2010

I just received a very nice email from a new Pimp-A-Thon sub who after seeing the Zero in action today seems to like what he sees. But one comment of his gave me the idea for this post:

I learned about your website from Tim Knight’s post following Sept. 1 when the rug was pulled out from under the bears. I wished I’ve had the zero then!

Well, as the Million Dollar Man quote goes: We have the technology! Since ThinkOrSwim has recently bestowed us with more historical data (or was it hysterical?) let’s just see what the Zero did in early September:

I think the chart should be clear. We all remember the divergence that developed in starting August 24th into the end of the month. This was followed by a drop to 1044 on the 31st which was accompanied by a push above the zero mark. That in itself was a textbook divergence. And of course that was followed by Ben’s candle of death on September 1st wiping the floor with anyone caught shorts. You can go back to my posts back then and you will see that I was extremely suspicious – one of the reasons was the Zero as well as the non confirming daily Zero.

I have put a bunch of comments on the chart – feel free to discuss them and your own thoughts in the comment section.

Since I have been getting dozens of email about how to get the freebie I may as well put the info into this post:

How To Join The Zero Pimp-A-Thon

If you are interested in joining the Zero Pimp-A-Thon you don’t have to write me an email anymore. Just go here to sign up. Simply choose ‘Zero Pimp-A-Thon’ from the selection of available products – enter your info – and you’re done! Please be aware that this free trial is not available to existing Zero subscribers. Sorry – I have to somehow keep the lights running deep down in my evil den of doom.

After you sign up I strongly suggest you peruse the tutorial, which you can find here.

You may notice that the ‘daily Zero’ has not yet been covered in that tutorial since it’s a relatively new edition. I may just use the article posted on the Slope as a template as I think it describes its use pretty well. You may also want to pull up the ‘zero category‘ on my blog which gives you dozens of postings with great examples of how to use the Zero to your advantage.

The Primary (hourly) Zero and the Zero Lite (5-min) run only during NYSE hours and are both available here or from the menu bar on top of this blog.

The tutorial has links to both, Firefox and Google Chrome auto-reload plug-ins – which keeps you from having to press that reload button manually like a mad monkey. I suggest you set it to 20 second intervals as that is how often the Zero is being refreshed on the servers side. Please bear in mind that the daily Zero only gets updated manually once a day – usually right after the closing bell. If you’re using IE – well – shame on you and this is a great opportunity to switch to a real browser πŸ˜‰

If your desktop is already crammed – have no fear. There is even a Windows QuickChart utility available for Windows, which allows you to pop the Zero up on your desktop when your boss isn’t looking. A new version has been posted today, so if you had any trouble logging in then please go and download the new version.

What else: I sometimes put little sticky note comments on the Zero chart during trading hours when I deem it appropriate. No, these are not trading signals but rather my interpretations of what’s going on. Most Zero noobs appreciate those hints as it expedites their understanding of how to read this valuable indicator. But no worries – you should catch on in a matter of days – it’s not brain surgery after all.

Finally, your trial subscription will also give you early access to all my blog posts – you will receive an email when a new post is available. That’s it for now – thank you for your interest and if you have any questions or difficulties just shoot me an email to admin at evilspeculator dot com and I’ll get back to you within a 24 hour period.



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