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ZeroFX Dance Mix

ZeroFX Dance Mix

by The MoleApril 4, 2011

Over the weekend I have given that first week of ZeroFX quite a bit of thought. Obviously I am still fiddling with the settings as well as the final chart periods and that’s probably going to continue for a few more weeks. But as I was watching it myself I realized that screen grabs really only tell half the story. I intentionally update this indicator on each single tick and that produces configurations which simply disappear when loading historical data and looking at the chart after the fact. I even see slight changes after a chart reload and some of valuable divergences/readings are lost when pulling only historical data.

So as a possible response here is a little experiment I put together since last night. Please take a look at this and let me know whether or not you believe snazzy video wrap ups like this may be helpful to understanding how ZeroFX flows and how particular setups develop. For instance we may see a big spike that does not make it in the final time period (i.e. ZeroFX reading at a particular candle’s close) but that may hold valuable clues to an impending move. There may also be divergent readings that were more apparent at that particular moment and are not as distinct later down the line.

Anyway, this is just an experiment – if you like it then I’ll produce more – maybe I make it part of my daily wrap up posts. Heck, I already wrote all the video scripts – most of the work is done. If nothing else it makes for an interesting background to my various soundtracks. I strongly recommend you watch this clip full screen – otherwise much of the detail won’t be visible.

And no, I am not taking any music requests 😉

Please make sure to also check out Scott’s new post who’s back with a vengeance. He offers a nice perspective of where we stand in equities as well as on the FX side.



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