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Judging by the participation in the comment section you guys aren’t amused by today’s tape and I can’t really blame you. So let’s mosey over to the Forex side as it’s looking a lot more tantalizing.


The Dollar is taking it on the chin today and the DX is now back at the 100-hour SMA. That’s actually rather healthy as I prefer it see take a breather and shake out some weak hands as opposed to snapping higher and painting a blow off top. Let’s see what happens here – a close today below the daily NLSL could lead to more downside – however, I would watch the 100-hour, if it holds this may be contained. Next support zone is near 82.13.


I’m short the EUR/USD right now just before its daily NLBL. That is an excellent entry until it clears that 100-hour SMA. Not averse to flipping if being stopped out. It’s been an extended sell off for this pair and if it manages to finally clear a daily NLBL we could see a little jump higher shedding¬†some of the fat.


AUD/USD – very nice formation here and also consider that juicy Bollinger compression on the daily. I want to be long above that NLBL with a stop below today’s lows.


Finally AUD/JPY – this is an hourly play on a breach above the current NLBL. If it does then we could see an extended squeeze here, which would not be out of the norm for a currency pair. Many top callers here and although I’m only going to drop 1/2R into this it may pay off well if it catches some traction.

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Mole’s Cunning Plan

Equities have been holding their ground overnight and it’s completely plausible that we may see an attempt to squeeze momentum higher early in today’s session. However, thus far the reversal has been anemic and the recent lack of buying mojo calls into question whether or not the bulls will be able to overcome the first major hurdles waiting ahead.

For one there’s the 25-day SMA (weak) near 1950 followed by a volume hole a few handles further near 1960. If you remember my ‘zoning low’ chart then you recall that this is where the bearish scenario rapidly loses its luster.

Since yesterday’s drive higher our SPX P&F chart has switched into bullish mode, as would be expected due to the double top break out I pointed at last week. Now this is the price potential given we hold here and perhaps even drive higher. But if we run into a wall then this would trap a hell of a lot of longs, wouldn’t it?

And that potential scenario has been in the minds of market makers as the VIX:VXO isn’t yet buying this rally. So short term near term option premiums seem to going at a slight premium.

On a quarterly basis however the market believes that it’s clear sailing ahead – kind of. A bit tepid that signal but let’s not try to read too much into it. One step at a time.

So what happens right here and now is rather important, wouldn’t you say? The GBP/JPY correlation meanwhile is pointing down and I intend to keep a close eye on that one during the open. Yesterday it’s been useless to us as Forex markets were digesting the BOE’s quarterly inflation report.

Now if you’re a sub then you may have taken our NQ long and thus far it’s banked 1R as of this writing. So we have to make a decision now – do we hold it in expectation of a run higher or do we take our R here and run for cover? I have decided on a hybrid approach – which means I will advance my stop to break/even and keep the NQ long. Meanwhile, as I’m expecting downside, I will balance myself delta neutral where I expect the most weakness. This way I can wait until I get a proper entry on the short side which will only happen if we see spoos run into a wall. So effectively I just bought myself a cheap pass to sit out some of the whipsaw we can expect up here – I agree with Scott that we are approaching an important inflection point.

And here’s what I suggest on the short side – please step into my lair:

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So that is it – Mole’s cunning plan – and no invasive surgery is required. ¬†Now let’s see if we get away with it ;-)


Inflection Points

Equities are now beginning to accumulate sufficient context, allowing us to consider various inflection points where the odds either support continuation lower or a reversal toward the recent highs. Let’s review the daily context first:

In order to simplify it for you guys I’m hereby resurrecting an old tradition of mine – the Soylent line up. The volume profile chart show a pretty shallow volume hole near yesterday’s highs, just below ES 1940. The bounce didn’t have much meat in it but it may just have been a first foray into lost territory, perhaps leading to continuation either today or tomorrow.

Below us we of course have a bit of bearish wiggle room until about 1917, after which you can see a gradual drop off in the volume profile terminating in a textbook volume hole around 1900. That’s obviously a psychological line in the sand the bulls will want to hold. If it fails we’re going toward 1850ish – our current point and figure price objective on the P&F.

  • Soylent Green: At this point being long above 1940 is a pretty decent play if the GBP/JPY correlation shown below holds up. If breached a ride toward 1960 is in the cards and based on velocity/momentum/participation we’ll have to evaluate once/if we get there.
  • Soylent Orange: The highest odds right now are continuation lower toward 1900 unless we breach 1940. It does not have to be a black & white approach – watch the Zero indicator after the open for signs of increasing buying interest (or lack thereof). I think today is an excellent day to follow the Zero Lite for clues.
  • Soylent Red: Only applicable if we drop straight through 1900 without much of a bounce. If panic selling ensues a drop through that mark leads us toward 1850. The odds for that to happen are very slim right now. Recall what I showed you on the LT VIX chart on Friday.

The spoos to GBP/JPY correlation is pointing upward right now. That’s positive for the bulls and why I wouldn’t count the bulls out just yet. But equities need to follow higher now – the onus is once again on the bulls to draw the line here before major damage is incurred which may threaten the medium term and perhaps even the long term trend.

On the price side here’s a bit more detail. You can of course trade the E-Mini or the Spiders, or your favorite ETF, what have you. The 100-hour SMA is near our 1940 inflection point, so I think we have a pretty solid ST guide here.

I would however play the short side via the Russell futures – at least 50% of my exposure. After all it does make sense to short the weakest index and buy the strongest.

Which brings me to the NQ which still looks weak but should we see a reversal today then here are your long triggers and the stop. This may change as the day unfolds – so watch this chart as it may paint a nice diagonal higher under which you can place a stop.

Once again I found a ton of juicy ST setups this morning. Here’s gold which I want to buy on a push above that diagonal I painted on the chart. A short position is definitely possible here until that happens – in that case put your stop above 1295.

Quite a few more goodies are looming below – please meet me in the lair:

More charts and commentary below for anyone donning a secret decoder ring. If you are interested in becoming a Gold member then don't waste time and sign up here. And if you are a Zero subscriber you get free access to all Gold posts, which gives you double the bang for your buck!

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Anyone? Damn it, I don’t get no respect… (you have to be a sub to get the reference)


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