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June 14, 2013

Sunday Night Special

Today’s session pretty much is in the bag and I don’t see much chance of seeing a resolution here before Monday at the earliest. However I couldn’t care less as we literally have kick ass setups growing out of the woodworks tonight. So let’s get to it!

As you know we walk the walk here at Evil Speculator. I’ve been doing this for almost five years and counting and you’ve watched me do what I do on a daily basis. You can’t fake the mojo in this game – either you’re packing a consistent edge or your audience is going to leave for greener pastures. In that spirit let’s dispense with the platitudes and instead do [...]

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January 31, 2013

Stock Symbol Salad

Let’s face it – you haven’t been watching your diet over the holidays and those jeans are starting to get a bit tight around the belt line. Don’t despair – Dr. Mole is here to help – we’re going to get that muffin top back into shape for spring in no time. In addition to a rigorous tea bag lifting routine I am also prescribing you a nutritious diet starting with today’s stock symbol salad. Go ahead – dig in!

Let’s start with the E-Mini which has been scaring the children a little in the past two days. However most notably it dropped all the way to its daily NLSL and then bounced back. Great first test and that [...]

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November 8, 2012

Hell’s Bells

You may not be aware of this but the stakes are extremely high right now. Equities are literally sitting on the last bastion of support and unless we see a bounce here things are about to get ugly – really ugly. That’s right – I’m talking hell’s bells ugly!

And yes, there is method to my madness. As I don’t want to post my volume profile chart for the third time in a row let me paint the overall picture across several timeframes:

I hope your browser is resilient as this is going to be a regular chartalanche. If you pulled this post on a mobile phone then my condolences for zapping your bandwidth limit. Let’s [...]

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July 2, 2012

Setups Avalanche

It’s the first day of the quarter and for some reason I have setups crawling out of the woodwork today. So let’s not waste time and dive right in, shall we? Let’s start with a quick peek at the spoos and then we head into currencies and commodities – plenty of fun to be had today.

Although I suggested a post ramp sideways day I find it very interesting that we should revere right here. Either it’s a trap (think pre rocket honeypot) or something else is going on. Ideally we should be humming here. Fortunately my Net-Lines chart shows us quite an easy setup right here and now:

As suggested on Friday we bounced at the 100-day [...]

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