Instead of the video you wanted, you ended up here! Sorry about that – it seems you haven’t yet bought my amazing Options 201 Class.

But really – why should you?

Well, I tell you why you should! Tony and I have been working on a clandestine project together for over 2 years now that is finally kicking off. Part of that project is a training on the basics of options and why everyone outside of professional firms should be trading them: the deck is stacked in your favor.

In this class, I cover some of the core fundamentals of vertical and calendar spreads which represent the basic building blocks of ALL other option strategies you will ever encounter, without exception. Everything you do in options is going to be based on, and will be comprised of, at least one of these two spreads.

Although you may have traded options for many years already, odds have it that you have never been taught basic probability calculations and spread tactics that form the basis of successful options trading.

Many of the techniques covered in this course, (e.g. box spreads) simply aren’t taught anymore, as most of the contemporary material focuses on strategies (e.g. butterflies, iron condors, ratio spreads, etc.) and not on the underlying concepts and the structure of option spreads.

Until now! This is your opportunity to learn how to trade spreads ‘the right way’ and to elevate your option trading to the next level. Even if you are an experienced options trader I guarantee you that you will have learned something new after having watched this course.

Once you understand the basics of trading option spreads from a probability perspective, and of course assuming you can get your head trash out of the way, this course will completely change the game for you.

This is not brain surgery or rocket science. Successful trading comes down to this:

  1. Knowing the probability of success when selecting your option spread.
  2. Knowing the risk to reward ratio.
  3. Maximizing #1 and #2 through by selecting the proper spread.

Options and by extension option spreads have risk baked right into them by default. There is no difference between perceived risk and the premium you see in front of you.

Since the introduction of additional weekly expirations in 2016 option markets have become extremely efficient  and thus more predictable. Which makes trading options easier IF you know what you are doing, what to look for, and of course understand how price and risk are intimately correlated.

In this options foundations 201 class, I cover a laundry list of crucial topics related to trading spreads:

  • Why you should never buy a naked option and why buying a spread is the better and more profitable! choice in 99% of all cases. Yes, I back it all up with numbers.
  • Why risk equals volatility, which in turn equals price. You will never think about trading options the same way again.
  • How to calculate your max loss and profit potential instantly without the use of complex tools. For beginning and new spread traders, this will change the game for you.
  • Why the risk graph in your trading platform is pure science fiction and how to more realistically estimate the risk you take on which each spread you trade.
  • The difference between credit spreads and debit spreads and why they are merely two sides of the very same coin.
  • The box spread – an integral concept in trading options that over 90% of retail traders have never even heard about. It’ll be your epiphany moment that on its own is worth the price you paid for this course.
  • How to calculate the probability of your options spread. It’s amazing how many option traders have been active in the market for years on end and still don’t know how to quickly and efficiently calculate the probability of an option spread. I’ll fix that for you.
  • The basics of time decay and why it means everything when it comes to trading options. I’ll be doing a real deep dive with you here and you will walk away with a thorough understanding of how time value (a.k.a. theta or extrinsic value) affects the price of an option throughout its lifetime.
  • How to use calendar spreads to make time (extrinsic) value work FOR you as opposed to AGAINST you. Of course I also show you how to maximize your profits when trading calendar spreads and why placing calendars is tantamount to playing a game of darts.
  • How to use the theoprice calculator in ThinkOrSwim to estimate the future value of a calendar spread. And then how to do the same without it, the way old school floor traders used to do it successfully for decades.
  • And much more…

For the long time readers of Evil Speculator I am happy to to provide you with exclusive lifetime access to the course for only $97. Yes, that’s right – for less than the price of one losing trade, you can level up your trading game forever.

It is information you will want to revisit over and over again until it all becomes second nature. Once you have the knowledge, nobody can ever take it away from you. It’s yours to keep, forever.

Still on the fence? Well if all that didn’t convince you yet – then here’s episode 1 absolutely FREE to whet your appetite:

You know what to do:

Months of hard work culminated in the most thorough introduction to trading option spreads you are going to find.

So get off the damn fence and buy it now!