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April 19, 2018

Maintenance Mode

One of the lessons learned about system development over the past decade or so has been that the holy grail, if there is any such thing in the trading racket, is not to be found on the entry but rather on the campaign management side.

Which is a perspective rarely shared among novice system developers who almost instinctively focus on finding exotic alpha factors with the premise of nailing perfect entries.

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April 18, 2018

Run Forest, Ruuunnn!!

Alright, the bulls are in the zone now. According to historical statistics week #15 is the most bullish for equities with almost no SKEW, thus having closed in the plus 80% of the time since 1993.

The 100-day SMA is now being breached, the bears seem to be fumbling again. All that means the braces are finally ready to come off and it’s time to run! Run Forest, ruuuunnnn!!

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April 17, 2018

The Big Face Off

The bulls are getting more energized now with hopes that the worst for this year is now behind us. But the big face off is still looming ahead and if a major punch burning the shorts is to happen then it better happen now, this week:

As you may remember from previous posts, week #15 statistically is the most bullish week of the year – by far I may add. But wait there is more:

Weekly SKEW suggests that this upside bias is in fact NOT due to outliers as this week’s reading is near the zero mark.

Which is why the weekly % positive panel also shows us the highest reading of the year – a whopping 80%!

Now [...]

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April 16, 2018

Precious Metals Monday

Precious metals have been coiling up like crazy over the past few months and although this is a tough sector to participate in at the current time  I’m now starting to look at possible entry opportunities. The current formation appears to be slowly inching its way toward a resolution toward the long side, although of course it could be nothing but another honey trap for the gold bugs.

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