Instead of the video you wanted, you ended up here! Sorry about that – it seems you haven’t bought my amazing Price Action Masterclass just yet.

But really – why should you?

Well, I tell you why you should. This extensive series covers everything I have learned in nearly 20 years of interpreting price action for my own discretionary setups.

You know, the same ones I have been posting on this blog almost every single day since late 2008.

Reading The Tape Without Indicators

If you have followed my work for more than just a few weeks then you know that I’m a bonafide charting minimalist in that I keep my arsenal of price indicators to a bare minimum.

For the reason that all indicators, as derivatives of price, are inherently lagging. Which doesn’t render them useless per se, but it makes them slow and usually showing up late to the party.

Not all is lost however – there are many ways of how to derive important clues simply from observing raw price action. Price talks to us all the time but unfortunately most traders don’t know how to understand the market’s language.

Plus many are so focused on their stack of indicators that they completely miss important clues that are staring them right in the face.

The hidden language of by price action is a fascinating topic I have covered on this blog on many occasions over the years.

But unfortunately in time many insightful posts have slowly descended into the murky depths of WordPress oblivion, nowhere to be found merely months after posting them.

Even I myself sometimes have trouble finding older posts among well over 4000 produced throughout the past decade. I just may have to hire a curator! 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog and so do many of my readers who have been following my work for many years.

But let’s be honest – blogging is a pretty leaky and inefficient way of publishing educational content as its relevance far exceeds the attention span of a single trading session.

Time To Put It All Together

So something had to be done, especially since many of my readers kept encouraging me to finally write a damn book or at least produce a video series.

Since it’s the 21st century I decided to do the latter and in spring of 2018 I finally sat down and started scripting and recording my first videos.

What followed were another six months of hard work – which could have been three months if I wasn’t such a damn perfectionist!

Once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed producing educational content. Which is why I have teamed up with my quant buddy Tony to produce several more video series which we will make available at a dedicated portal we’ll call Red Pill Quants (RPQ).

Above is the introduction of my Price Action Masterclass which I’m posting here as a little appetizer.

I am pretty confident it will entice you to go and buy the whole series which I am making available to my core audience here at Evil Speculator at an insane introductory never-to-be-seen-again low price of only $97.

Once we launch RPQ it’ll only be available at the regular retail price of $297. Meaning you are getting it for less than 1/3rd of the official price!

So don’t waste any time and buy the entire series right now while it is available at a highly discounted price.

Again,this offer won’t be available forever, so get off the damn fence and buy it now!

I am confident that you will enjoy watching the series and that it will completely change the way you look at charts.

If you have any pertinent questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Six months of hard work culminated in the most thorough course on interpreting price action you are going to find.

This offer won’t be available forever, so get off the damn fence and buy it now!