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July 6, 2020

Enter The Doldrums

Independence Day marks the onset of the summer vacation season, although to a much lesser extent in 2020 due to global travel restrictions. While I’m stuck in the sweltering heat of Spain Tony managed to plot his escape from Chicago to some camping ground near Kern River, CA. I have very nice memories visiting there and one of the main advantages is that Sequoia National Park with its higher elevations and cooler temperatures is only three hours away.

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June 22, 2020

Mid Year Coin Flip

We’ve almost made it through the seasonal summer solstice sell off, which it shall be known as henceforth since it has a nice ring to it. Week #26 puts us right into the middle of the year and true to form it’s a complete coin flip statistically speaking with a net zero Sharpe ratio and a 50% win/loss rate.

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June 8, 2020

Welcome To The Summer Hole

I’m still split on whether I prefer winter over summer. Sure, summer brings you hot temperatures and pretty girls prancing around in skimpy skirts (and now Luis Vuitton face masks). But at the same time it’s the worst season by far for any financial analyst or blogger. Winter on the other hand equals earnings season with a bullish bias, the Santa Rally, holidays full of delicious goodies, plus it promises you skiing in powder filled alpine resorts. What’s not to like? Yes, I know – it’s so bloody cold!

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February 24, 2020

Viral Markets

Looks like the proverbial shyte is about to get real. Over the weekend Italy out of the blue announced more than 150 coronavirus cases along with six fatalities as per this morning. In a desperate measure to halt the progression of the epidemic officials proceeded to completely lock down eleven North Italian towns – meaning nobody is getting in and nobody is getting out.

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