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January 17, 2018

Tape Reading Without Indicators

This is the fifth installment of an ongoing educational series that will cover the nuts and bolds of crypto currencies as well as the skills and knowledge required in trading this new asset class successfully over the long term.

BTC/USD is retesting the 10k mark this morning and on some exchanges even briefly dipped below it. ETH/USD has nearly been cut in half over the past three sessions, falling from slightly above 1550 to currently 860. And no better opportunity than a panic laden blood-in-the streets day for launching the next chapter of this series which will focus on tape reading and how to survive in the snake oil peddling casino that is the fledgling retail crypto [...]

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October 20, 2017

No Casual Fridays At The Lair

Sorry guys but casual Friday will have to be postponed until further notice as we’re too busy banking coin and taking numbers. On top of a veritable laundry list of winning campaigns over the past few weeks we managed to grab a very fortuitous entry on the E-Mini yesterday right ahead of the opening bell. As I was a bit pressed for time Thursday morning I thought it worthwhile to share some of my pertinent perspectives today, i.e. what caused me to suggest this campaign in the first place and how my initial beliefs were confirmed later in the session.

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August 21, 2017

Lost A Few Pounds

It seems like we were subjected to an enforced trading diet late Friday, and apparently it’s working since as you can see my abs are starting to show. By the way, sorry if you just lost your breakfast. Obviously this isn’t a big surprise to anyone as fast drops/advances *ahead of medium or long term inflection points* usually are quickly followed by a shake out. Pay attention now as this is important: Especially on the sell side the dynamics shift considerably once those inflection points have been breached, as violent selling usually tapers out more slowly before a bounce.

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July 6, 2017

The Eternal Bull Market?

I launched this blog back in August of 2008 right at the cusp of what many bears still regard as the entry opportunity of a generation. And I don’t think that would be very far fetched as it may be many more years until we ever see a large scale market correction resembling that of 2008 again. For the record, I for one wouldn’t terribly mind seeing a continuation of this bull market. Unlike many of the doomsayers du jour yearning to see the world burn I do not want to see the United States undergo another economic depression. And clearly the Fed has proven that it will do whatever it may take to prevent just that from happening. 

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