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July 14, 2021

Everyone Is Confused – And We Like It That Way

Here’s another golden rule of trading you will never hear in the financial mainstream media: The less information the market yields, the more participants will attempt to fill the resulting vacuum with noise. Which is exactly why market makers love the summer slump as it’s high season for selling over priced OTM calls and puts to hapless retail traders.

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June 17, 2021

Wait For It!

Implied volatility over the past few weeks has managed to blue-ball me worse than my first high school date. At least back then I finally got lucky on the third turn. But this attention whoring bitch tease of a market just keeps on making hot promises and then never puts out. That at least until yesterday afternoon when the FOMC – unexpectedly – put some fear of God into what has become a long term manic depressive but short term over complacent marketplace.

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May 26, 2021

Never Argue With Price

For when it comes to trading the financial markets price is the ultimate arbiter of truth. Period. We can whinge and whine all we want about what the market ‘should be doing’ based on a laundry list of technical evidence suggesting that it is ‘overbought’. But in the end, the market will simply do what it wants to do. And when it wants to go up – we aim high – especially during a bull market.

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May 19, 2021

Lambo For Sale – Low Mileage

If you think equities are looking droopy then feast your eyes on the train wreck that’s unfolding across crypto right now. Bitcoin dropped below $35k and Ether crashed 40% – the same guys who were cruising to buy new lambos last week are running in circles with their hair on fire. Cue the usual muppets smugly telling us they ‘were right all along’. Just like in 2019 when BTC dropped from $14k to $6k.

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