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October 30, 2018


I am pleased to offer a signal service based on a 100% mechanical and automated trading strategy I call VIXEN.

What Is VIXEN?

As may have guessed already the strategy tracks implied volatility and in my not so humble opinion is the best trading system I have ever developed to date (and I’ve done this for a long time). VIXEN leverages VX index tracking inefficiencies in volatility related exchange traded products (ETPs). It is 100% mechanical and zero discretion is recommended.

The system has been exhaustively tested between 2014 up to date and appears ‘anti-fragile’ as it performed consistently throughout diverse market cycles over the past four years. Performance does [...]

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September 10, 2018

Volatile Systems

You guys know I’ve been all over volatility, the realized and the implied kind, for a good part of this decade now. If you curious as to the reasons for my volatile obsession then the most salient one is that volatility is much easier to predict than signed returns. I’ve covered that topic in exhaustive detail over the past few years and today we’re actually going to put it to work.

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August 20, 2018

E-Mini Epiphany

Seeing the E-Mini in the green after holding it over the weekend is definitely a good way to start your Monday and I strongly recommend it. What’s more important however is a little epiphany I had this morning when I was staring at the E-Mini’s volatility panel. The indicator I use is something I hacked up a few years ago but I could never really find out how to turn it into a system. Until today that is.

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July 13, 2018

VIXEN Looking For Betas

Since my big announcement three weeks ago (how time flies) I have been working hard to fix a very annoying data related problem in VIXEN that turned out to be a bit of the exotic type, but in the end had to yield to the untiring scrutiny of good old fashioned German engineering (none of that neo-hippy organic VirtueKraut bullshit) plus an extra heaping of politically incorrect and borderline creepy stubbornness. Okay, it was a lot more of the latter than the former but I’m now ready to stick a fork into VIXEN and let her loose onto my intrepid steel rats for an extended bout of beta testing.

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