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August 17, 2016

Chicken A La Carte

As anticipated the Fed once again chickens out and in place of a long overdue rate hike is deploying copious amounts of its trademark jawboning . In case the official verbiage is making your head spin let me offer you a rough translation: Our economy is toast and we continue to live on borrowed time. Obviously we’re crapping in our pants at the mere thought of raising interest rates as our fragile over bloated service economy can only subsist courtesy of ZIRP and a growing list of creative monetary experiments. But heck what do I know. Maybe without the Fed going all balls out we’d be all fighting each other in the Thunderdome by now.

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August 17, 2016

Resist The Dark Force

I am now forced to read my twitter stream with specially designed glasses in order to avoid accidental absorption of perma-bear bias via mental osmosis. Apparently as we are mere handles away from all time highs in equities popular wisdom ensures that we are are heading into unprecedented crash territory. You know just like the last time a few months ago, and then there was the other time earlier this year, and then last year around the same time, oh right and before that when rates were lifted by a few basis points. And who would be able to forget the big crash of 2014, which was almost as bad as the one in 2012. Of course nothing compares with the misery we all had to live through [...]

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August 16, 2016

Fractal Monger Update

First up many thanks to all of you who signed up to the free FractalMonger beta trial. This new version of FM is the result of over two years of painstaking research as well as countless hours of experimentation and internal testing. Then came the bug fixing, the messaging, the logging module… suffice to say I’ve had a pretty busy summer. I think the project has a lot of potential but will clearly require a lot more work before it’s ready for prime time. Here are a few updates on what has changed plus some thoughts as to where to take it going forward.

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August 15, 2016

Evil Scheme Proceeding As Planned

We had our share of lucky entries here in recent weeks but the one last Friday probably takes the cake. If you recall my evil plan was to wait for a drop to ES 2176 and then take out a long position assuming that the Zero wasn’t flagging red. Apparently Mrs Market was in a favorable mood and decided to grant me my humble request:

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