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Slow Start

Slow Start

by The MoleJune 26, 2009

10:17am EDT: I can’t believe it’s already Friday – wow – amazing how quickly this week whipped by me.

We breached a very significant support line in the 10-year treasury yields. I am hoping for a retest and will most likely grab some /ZN futures or pertinent call options if we get a little bounce.

The Dollar is giving me blue balls I swear – what a tease! We should get resolution out of this ‘triangle’ fairly soon. I’m putting this into quotes as it’s pretty unusual to see this formation right there unless we actually drop lower – mmmh – you know what that would most likely mean for equities.

10:35am EDT: The NYSE program trading report for last week is out and Goldman Suck’s program trading principal to agency & customer facilitation ratio has reached a staggering 5.6!

As a matter of fact we recently acquired some live footage of Wednesday’s NYSE trading session:

I’m considering some bionic implants to keep up with this shit.

11:07am EDT: For fuck’s sake – this is supposed to be my big spiral calendar turn date? That’s it – I’m grabbing a long and extended breakfast.

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