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Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

by MoleAugust 22, 2011

A time when corporate networks encompass the planet and electrons and light run free. But the world is not yet so advanced that nations and people have vanished. Computers have become highly advanced and even a small pocket-sized computer can process all the information obtainable worldwide. In a market dominated by powerful and deeply connected banking conglomerates, millisecond high frequency traders, and federal reserve sponsored primary dealers, widespread financial crimes and market manipulation have become both more sophisticated, more common, and brutal.

Episode 2011-08-22 – Revenge Of The Bots:

Clearly the bots played this tape like a fiddle. Low participation meant HFTs gunned for support and resistance clusters. A swing trader’s moist dream if you know how to play it and if you are fast enough. Zero Lite artificial intelligence unit showed minimal participation and flagged clear support levels near the daily lows.

Human Participation Factor: Minimal
Market Manipulation Vector: Excessive

The future is now. To be continued…

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