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July 17, 2017

Draghi On The Tightrope

The ECB is scheduled to meet on Thursday, however it’s only an internal meeting and no new economic staff projections (ESPs) are expected. Bond investors in particular are looking for Draghi’s press conference for clues as to what interest rate policy to expect for the third and fourth quarters of this year. But given that the EUR/USD is now heading toward 1.15 I have an inkling that Mr. Draghi will choose his words very cautiously as he is now walking a precarious economic tightrope.

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July 7, 2017

Flash Crashes

The Flash seems to have fun with his new TDA account this morning as I’m seeing very strange activity across the board. Although I never give much credence to the financial MSM attempting to explain the increasing amount of flash crashes we have been seeing lately, I was puzzled to see almost no mentioning of this. Perhaps this is the new normal we should expect during the late Asian trading hours? If so then it’s going to be one long hot summer…

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July 6, 2017

The Eternal Bull Market?

I launched this blog back in August of 2008 right at the cusp of what many bears still regard as the entry opportunity of a generation. And I don’t think that would be very far fetched as it may be many more years until we ever see a large scale market correction resembling that of 2008 again. For the record, I for one wouldn’t terribly mind seeing a continuation of this bull market. Unlike many of the doomsayers du jour yearning to see the world burn I do not want to see the United States undergo another economic depression. And clearly the Fed has proven that it will do whatever it may take to prevent just that from happening. 

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July 5, 2017

Back To The Grind

I remember spending one hour each way in L.A. traffic commuting to and from my job as an engineer. That was about a decade ago or so shortly before I decided to ‘retire’ from the software industry and dedicate myself exclusively to my passion, which of course was trading. It’s been a very turbulent time since that day but as I’m sitting here now in my beautiful Valencia apartment overlooking two gorgeous 15th century buildings I don’t know how I survived that traffic ordeal back then.

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