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by The MoleFebruary 9, 2010

I rarely dabble in geopolitics (at least on this blog) but I simply can’t help myself this time around. Let me share this little tidbit with you:

Click on the image to see the original Billiondollargram on Now I have to ask you – evil speculator or not – doesn’t this break your heart? With the money this country alone has thrown into the greedy jaws of corrupt banksters we could have fed every fucking child on the planet for several decades. Actually, forget about Africa or South America – right here at home one in four American children is on food stamps! That’s right – when it comes to choosing between bailing out fat rich fuckheads or feeding starving/malnourished children all over the world, the choice is clear:

Yes, the banksters win every time – get used to it – that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Now you know why I don’t talk politics in here – because it’s too upsetting. And most anyone you talk to doesn’t look at the big picture and you wind up talking about red herrings and non-issues. I couldn’t give a rat’s rectum what Sarah Palin said today on her damn blog or what Obama is spewing about ‘creating jobs’ and ‘fixing healthcare’. All that crap is nothing but window dressing – the real game all happens behind closed doors, that’s where all the decisions are being made. From there it’s just a matter of ‘massaging’ public sentiment or smoldering anger to the point where the big cats know they somehow will get away with it. After all – public memory is very short – and there’s always Paris Hilton or this week’s outcast on American Idol to keep us distracted.

Which is why TARP got voted through congress in record time – 90%+ public disapproval rating notwithstanding. And it’s why it took a year to get a ridiculous health care bill passed that in the end was nothing but a blowjob to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Congress was bickering about pennies and pork whilst handing truck loads of cash to their bankster cronies.

Don’t you love it how that works?

This planet could be a really cool place if we weren’t so intent on fucking it up beyond repair. All comes down to greed, folks – good ole fashioned unmitigated egotestical greed. The infoturds you get served on your boobtube are nothing but mind fodder to keep you distracted from the fact that we are nothing but pawns in a global game played by a tiny but highly connected minority. They don’t give a shit about you or your family and they will take it all – if we let them.

You know what’s really depressing? Even more so than the chart above? It’s the fact that you can post a chart like that and nothing happens – absolutely nothing. You get a few angry comments, maybe the news spreads and you have some bald academics in cheap suits discuss it on PBS or NPR. But nothing ever happens – nobody pays attention despite the fact that we are wired beyond belief. Everyone is so busy worrying about their own ass – civil disobedience or even outrage has been banned from American life (and most of the Western world). And the just shit continues – nobody ever gets delivered to justice – the same old cats keep getting re-elected – the people responsible for fucking up the financial industry on a global basis even get a second or third opportunity to do it again (see John Thain) – and nothing ever changes. So please don’t talk to me about hope and change – seriously.

I guess George Carlin said it best:

(hat tip to David)

The broken clock continues – tick tock tick tock tick tock – wait that’s gmak’s line…

Sorry for ruining your day – but it had to be said. Now back to work – let’s hit them where it hurts the most – in their trading accounts 😉


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