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Watch And Weep!

Watch And Weep!

by The MoleDecember 14, 2012

It’s a mid December Friday afternoon (actually evening on my end) and I frankly think I have done enough damage for today. The plethora of kick butt entries I presented in today’s early morning briefing (for free I may add) has quickly turned into a veritable earnings-palooza. Watch and weep:

Bonds – great entry at the diagonal and I’m pretty close to cutting the cord.

Corn at target. For a slow mover she sure was shaking it up today. Thank you and thank you.

Cable – you either took the SMA breach or the NLBL – either way you’d be heavily in the green now. Enjoy your ill gotten gains.

NZD/USD – picture perfect SMA entry this morning and we are at target ladies and leeches.

USD/CHF – what can I say – sometimes it’s better to be lucky then good. We could not foresee such a sweet sell off but we take the profits either way.

Last but not least it was payback time over in the AUD/USD. After giving us some grieve earlier this week it paid us back in spates. That’s what I call finishing a week in style.

May I add that we missed three JPY entries because I posted them as they started to take off? Anyway, here’s my final entry for the day:

Have a nice weekend – I see you all on Sunday.

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