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Dilution Deluxe

Dilution Deluxe

by The MoleMay 6, 2009

Just in case you rats haven’t already heard:

GM effectively will impose a 100:1 reverse split on existing shareholders. This ought to generate some good old fashioned panic selling at the open. Geeeh – was anyone actually surprised about this happening? If so – please contact me with a copy of the prescription drug(s) you are currently popping. It’s not as if Karl Denninger hasn’t been warning about exactly this happening for months now. He’s not holding back with rubbing it in either – hey, good for him 🙂

IMHO – and again that’s only my personal not so humble opinion – BAC shareholders are next….

Market Neutral funds have basically moved to the sidelines at this point. Guess what – we are all daytraders now!

Someone asked me about NR7 today and although I don’t use that for my TA I sent him this chart.

But when zooming in something very interesting unveiled itself – not are we losing momentum and participation – we are also losing fidelity (ATR).

Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and see some insightful responses – one never knows…



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