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Do You Believe in Santa?

Do You Believe in Santa?

by MoleDecember 7, 2011

Well, this is Volar, and I think I may be back sooner than latter.

I have not been around much for obvious reasons, but also, I have been buried in China research and at a few conferences.

In any case, I do not have much to show, but some charts caught my eye. Every Christmas ARCA and PHLX call buyers show up… and did they yesterday…

I do not have much of an opinion on anything right now, but figured I could at least drop some stuff by for the rats.

So first lets look at OCC (all equity options) calls – puts.

This is not predictive- it just shows that seasonality is hard to fight.

Also, given that I am lazy, SentimenTrader, did a nice piece on small options traders.

Little bastards are not bullish are they….

Also the implied correlation index is STILL high…

And seasonality.

Talk about textbook….

Ok the last chart is a play I am in in DEC 12 Corn Options…. I think IV is breaking out…. and it should top near the report in January.

I should get back into things shortly- but keep in mind that I do not have much of a conviction on anything.

Have a great holiday and bank coin.

Best of luck, unbiased trading,


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