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Frackin’ Friday Rub Down

Frackin’ Friday Rub Down

by The MoleJuly 17, 2009

Today was a complete tosser – participation was minimal as any self-respecting Wall Street playa’ left for the Hamptons this morning to get his share of blow jobs from young aspiring NYC models and VIP escorts.

I have no comment – this chart screamed at me: “Stay the fuck out!”. Thank you Zero – you know how to keep me out of getting anal raped by those monster dildo touting market makers. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy that (a little) – Miss Chow at the Korean massage parlor is doing a bang job with that thing – but I have taken it up the ass a bit much since Tuesday evening.

Program Trading Update

geronimo/ES: +5 (two winners and one b/e, so I’m counting 3 for 3 today)

No idea why so few are subscribing to this thing…. but just to let you know that Eric and I are raking it in over here while you guys are scratching your bony little skulls every time a Goldman sponsored program trading attack stops you out of your measly contract. Yes, I’m very evil today and it’ll just get worse as the summer progresses – be prepared.

I’m have some German Hefeweizen to take care of – I might do a post on Sunday, if you are nice and share the love a little πŸ˜‰



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