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RIP Blue Waldo

RIP Blue Waldo

by The MoleJune 1, 2009

10:20am EDT: I for one welcome our new bullish zombie overlords!

Blue Waldo was taken out by a team of swedish female mud wrestlers. Rumor has it he died with a smile on his face:

The two suspects at a recent performance – what a horrible death.

Boy, am I in a good mood this morning. Ladies and leeches – this is going to be fun! Here we are – on a historic day in trading history – a component of the Dow Jones Index is declaring bankruptcy. One would expect 600 handles down – but this is what we got:

I actually slept in this morning – can you believe it? Somehow I didn’t hear my buzzer and when I woke up I immediately checked the futures on my iPhone. To see the ES at 940 was really not what I expected today – WOW!

I literally can’t describe how excited I am – this is going to be the shorting opportunity of a lifetime later this summer. Let’s face it – the nation elite knows exactly where this country is heading and it’s in the wood chipper. Anything that happens until the big one drops is merely one consolidated attempt to plunder whatever assets are left. It’s not in way different than the kind of looting we had here in L.A. in 1992 – I had actually just moved here a months prior. I was a young kid back then and watched with confusion people robbing their own neighborhoods – their local electronics store, their local grocery.Β  When it was all said and done large swaths of urban Californian landscape laid in ashes.

Anyway, if you want to play this sucker up – wait for a retracement. I have highlighted areas where I think a pullback could occur. Whatever you do – don’t chase this tape right now!

10:44am EDT: Curly woke up to a nasty surprise this morning:

Okay, this is why this sucks. Curly is not going to take this sitting down – I can literally hear the printing machines churning all the way over in Los Angeles. When they turned them all on this morning it actually registered a 3.4 on the Richter scale. They are going to print massive amount of new coin to plung into the bong market. That magic line on the TNX must not be broken, otherwise all hell will break loose. What this means for you and I right now – today – is that our remaining cash Dollars will get inflated to hell. Just look at the DXY this morning:

That’s right – that is the chart representing the Dollar vs. a basket of international currencies – and the sound you’re hearing is your purchasing power being flushed down the toilet.

11:54pm EDT: Geronimo/ES just initiated a long scalp trade – now, it might be a false positive but I would be extremely cautious about going short here.

12:14pm EDT: Karl Denninger today: ‘My goal is to sleep with Paris Hilton tonight.” So, good ole’ Karl has a thing for skinny Hollywood skanks – who knew? I didn’t think the old buzzard had it in him – respect! LOL πŸ™‚

In other, more annoying news: disqus is broken again today and it’s driving T.K. and me both crazy. If this situation continues I might have to start looking for another solution. This is completely unacceptable and the frequency of these outages are increasing.

12:35pm EDT: Geronimo just took profits – another winning trade πŸ™‚

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