The Long Con

As you can imagine I wanted to wait out Draghi’s announcement before putting up a post but that didn’t leave me with much time before the bell. So here we go in no particular order:


Equities still in whipsaw mode but I’m actually starting to give the bears more credence here. Neither side has been able to make much of a dent but let’s not forget that 1) the onus is on the bulls to continue the trend and 2) there are really no bears left. In a late bull trend downside corrections are usually generated by a lack of bulls as opposed to being caused by strong selling pressure. Which is why we have seen the tape plot extended tops followed by a quick fall to the next support zone.

Bottom line: The bulls need to push this turd back above 1997 – if we close the week below it tomorrow then there may be a price to be paid next week.


Bonds are on the way now – my new target area is 123’295ish. Glad I flipped that initial long to a short after being stopped out. A lack of directional bias does have its rewards ;-)


Cotton is accelerating higher and I’m moving my stop to the 2R mark. Very happy camper because I think we may have a runner here. Current target near 76 – if we touch that I may just be able to afford a turkey for Christmas!


The cocoa campaign also back on track and we may have another runner here as well. Target – well, who cares – there’s nothing but air below. I have to say – the fun has been in futures lately!


Coffee is looking great today – inside day candle right on top of a very tested 100-day SMA. I’m taking either breach it’ll throw my way tomorrow/tonight.


EUR/USD – may attempt a bottom here (much to my chagrin of course) – time to hedge, triggers on the chart.


And I promise I won’t boast about my DX campaign (snicker) – but for the rest of you guys here may be a chance to play a shake out. Double inside day – usually decent odds on that as velocity seems to be slowing up here. A breach in either direction is a good play. I’ll put my stop at today’s lows – if stopped out I’ll be short with a stop near yesterday’s highs.  If we get a double whammy (stop out both ways) I’ll continue higher with my current position size.

FWIW - the long con across various futures contracts seems to be the play of the year. This is easy money folks with beautiful prime rib entries and strongly trending tape. If you keep staring at equities all day you may not just go blind but also miss out on a lot of fun. And that – my dear steel rats – would be unforgivable. So get with the program!


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Substandard High Intensity Tape

In the past week we have been seeing increasing volatility in all equity indices – as of right now we remain locked in a limbo period (for more info on the definition please point your browser to my pertinent post). In a nutshell the implications here are to a) stay the heck out or b) play the swings to your best abilities.


Now when it comes to limbo tape there are of course various flavors. All of them are highly volatile of course as the idea is to produce maximum amount of noise in order to draw impatient participants into emotional trades. Revenge trading and tape chasing is the order of the day and market makers usually love every minute of it. But there is one flavor that’s particularly nasty and it’s the type we’re stuck in right now – long wicks combined with small real bodies and all that in a sideways trading range. The technical term for it is Substandard High Intensity Tape – or more commonly referred to as SHIT.


Suffice to say that if you happen to come across SHIT tape you stay the [insert expletive of your choice] out.

Seriously speaking however – this thing should have been resolved by now and the more it coils up the more explosive I expect to be its resolution. Unfortunately I do NOT see any directional signals here that I would feel comfortable considering, let alone use for anything but intra-day swing trades. At this point we should embrace the fact that we do not know which way it’ll turn, at least not yet. And if that means we may miss the rocket then that’s okay. This is the type of game you’ll only win by not playing.


Alright – I know: “Mole, shut the hell up about your damn Dollar campaign already!” I apologize for having to post this chart again but there has been a change. Given the current velocity I have decided to set my trailing stop to 15% MFE and turn it into a monthly campaign. I am certain a shake out is coming soon here but I now see the potential for a run into 85,


I looked at several intervals on my P&F chart and ~85 seemed to be the consensus. So let’s see if it plays out.

Two juicy commodity setups below the fold – so please grab your secret decoder rings:

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Alright, I think we’ve done enough damage for this week – it’s been fun. And you all know what comes next for the Mole:



That looks about right. (the beer of course)


Draghi Smaaaash!@!!

It’s going to be one long day for the Euro. Several announcements were on the roaster today and everyone was expecting Draghi to announce ABS purchases. But he surprised everyone by just whacking its corridor rates across the board by 10 bps, in the process sending the Deposit Facility rate even further into negative territory, now down at -0.2%.


Weak economy make Draghi aaaangry! Draghi Smaaaasssshhh!!

Here’s what happened (and is still happening):


Ouch, this oughta hurt… unless you somehow short the Euro (snicker)….


And we’re not done yet – we may see a bigger slide later this morning during the announcement of the policy statement and the ensuing press conference.


As you can imagine I’m all smiles down here in the lair – my remaining DX lottery tickets (i.e. 50% of my original position) just exploded higher. I’m tempted to cut the cord but heck – let’s see what happens at 8:30 ;-)


Meanwhile on the equities front we are clearly continuing to gyrate inside a limbo period – see my pertinent 2012 post on market weather for the definition and most importantly for the implications. In short – play the swings if you can.  The rocket is coming for sure but there is no saying which way it’ll take off. We may however risk small R sizes if stopped out when playing the swings at their respective extremes. Meaning – if you are going short and the range extreme based stop is touched then flip with 1/2R and pyramid higher as the position goes your way. Or do nothing – playing limbo periods is not for the faint hearted (and emotionally corruptible).


One measly setup today on the futures side – I’m completely staying out of Forex for the moment. Crude looking like a pretty nice long here – stop below 94.8 and you’re good to go.

This should be a fun day – I’ll check in with you guys later.

It’s not too late – learn how to consistently bank coin without news, drama, and all the misinformation. If you are interested in becoming a subscriber then don’t waste time and sign up here. The Zero indicator service also offers access to all Gold posts, so you actually get double the bang for your buck.


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