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Alien Versus Predator

Alien Versus Predator

by The MoleAugust 10, 2014

My money is on the aliens every time. And when it comes to finding analogs in the financial markets the Alien is the bond market and Predator is played by equities. Simply speaking – bonds (and forex) are the dog that wags the equities tail. So it makes sense to correlate the two and find out who’s lying. We play this game every once in a while and it’s particular useful when price data on the equities side keeps us guessing.

Let’s look at some ETF correlations first. Why? Because they’re easier to get in/out of for the average retail trader. So they have meaning given the overall message the bonds are telling us, however they may show us short term trends as well. Here’s JNK (guess what it represents) vs. the TLT which has 20-year treasury bonds as its underlying. That was a beautiful divergence near the top – took a while to break equities. As I said above – it’s a dog/tail relationship and bond traders are usually smarter than their equities slinging cousins.

I see a tiny bounce there at the bottom but we’ll have to give it another day or so.

Let’s zoom in a little but this time compare it with corporate bonds, which have been very very popular in the past few years. Better timing on this one on a short term basis – not if you are a fund manager who needs to flip a few Million shares. But to us this one offers better clues regarding direction on the equities side. What’s it doing right now? Bouncing a bit – which confirms our general view that we should see a re-test of the highs. Well, at least an attempt to do so. IF this really is at least a medium term correction then it has to happen anyway. Trends to just fall off the plate – they form a top first.

Now let’s mix it up with a few managed mutual funds – with more long term implications:


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