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November 8, 2016

Election Day Special

I feel really undecided today, and no I’m not talking about the two candidates as I already mailed my absentee ballot three weeks ago. Rather it’s those damn setups I found which look exceedingly delicious and which I’m hesitant to take in anticipation of some wild swings later tonight. But maybe just a teeny weeny position, e.g. 0.1% would be permissible? Let’s take a look and then we’ll decide 

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May 11, 2016

Another Chance To Crush

First up big props to Greenlander for digging up this beauty – we are much obliged! Report to the lair to claim your free month of Zero goodness (email Mole at admin@). NVDA is a great candidate for an Limping Condor (a.k.a. double diagonal) or a Double Calendar Spread (DC). This time around, we’re going to stretch out our wings on our LC a bit to widen our break even points.

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May 10, 2016

Two For The Price of One

Macy’s (M) may not be anyone’s favorite place to shop these days, but its volatility curve is set up nicely for a vega crush campaign.  We’re going to look at two different ways to take advantage of M’s volatility term structure ahead of earnings (tomorrow morning before open).

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May 4, 2016

Vega Crush Candidates

The first round of our IV crush earnings plays was a resounding success and as there’s about a week’s worth of announcements left in this quarter we are pumped and ready for a second helping. If you’re new to options then I suggest you point your browser to to the first three posts in our ongoing tutorial series on option theory. Once you develop a basic understanding of what we are doing and how, selling volatility ahead of earnings announcements may become another profitable tool in your trading arsenal.

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