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Not A Bad Start

Not A Bad Start

by The MoleJune 17, 2009

1:40pm EDT: Looks like the bulls are finally stepping in on ‘the dip’ 🙂

I need to see 927 minimum before I bother to even look at a put option. But if we keep pushing straight up here until 927 then we might get a b-wave on Thursday, followed by a c-wave – either Thursday or Friday. Now that would get us to 938 at which point I’d be perfectly happy to back the truck.

Yes, that’s all academic at this point – let’s watch the tape and see what hand we are dealt.

2:10pm EDT: Something for you channel surfers:

We basically decide right here if we’re stay inside the halfpipe or if we go offroading.

2:19pm EDT: Just wanted to add that – unless you are day trading – there’s really not that much to do until we hit those marks above. Might as well squeeze in those earplugs and put on the sleeping mask until the captain gets ready for a descend. Might be tomorrow – might be Friday – all depends on how subtle the boys want to do this. Since it’s OPX week my money is on them making it as painful as possible 🙂

2:27pm EDT: The 3.5% mark should be interesting to watch on the TNX:

We bounced here every single time since March – there’s a chance we slice through it this time. I believe that even would most likely coincident with a drop in equities, so things could be lining up nicely here.

2:33pm EDT: Okay, now I’m really pissed – check out the result of this google search via the keyword ‘speculator’:

The evil lair has dropped from #4 to #8 behind some damn myspace page? &@^!%$@!!

Okay, this is a code red activation, rats – think Colbert style! If you have a blog or web page please add a link to – or whatever else you can think of, don’t let me limit our creativity 😉 mmmwwuuaahhaaaahaaa…

By next week I want to be at least #3 – this is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure Mr. MySpace doesn’t get 3 Million unique page views a month, so let’s do something about this, my legion of steel rats!

12:30pm EDT: Quote of the day, courtesy of Karl ‘No Slave To Fashion’ Denninger:

Government, despite their so-called “new proposal” has refused to take the steps that are necessary to resolve this crisis and return us to a stable economic base.

The reason for this is simple: Government is both beholden to and stuffed to the gills with those who made the bad decisions, and forcing those people to eat their bad investments is considered politically unacceptable.

We therefore will do this “the hard way”, just like we did in the 1930s.

Buckle up – this road might get “a little rough.”

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