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Pain Galore

Pain Galore

by The MoleMay 26, 2009

2:22pm EDT: I for one welcome our new bullish overlords 🙂

We just dropped a little but if you’re exposed to the short side don’t get your hopes up unless we breach that channel from hell above.

2:47pm EDT: A general note – May has been simply horrid for bulls and bears alike:

I was getting excited last week as it seemed that we’ll finally breach through the 880/930 whipsaw from hell zone. In hindsight a 880/905/930 butterfly might have been the best investment. Until we push out of this zone the only winners in the game will be RenTech, GetCo, GS, UBS, and some of those intrepid swing trading rats.

3:25pm EDT: New short term channel developing:

I don’t have my hopes up however – the bears are MIA and we probably are just selling off before a final ramp job into the close.

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