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The Rub

The Rub

The Rub

by The MoleJuly 9, 2009

3:00pm EDT: Freaky Hour rapidly approaches – really curious what’ll happen here:

So, here’s the rub: This is a nice little bounce but am I ready to throw my money into this virtual wood chipper? Mabye not – yet… A bounce to 900 however would have the bulls salivating, especially if it happened before EOD Friday. The bears would be greatly discouraged seeing their precious neckline in the rear mirror rapidly getting smaller. Great spot to go short there IMNSHO.

BUT – it’s 3:00pm as I’m typing this and we’ll most likely get a spike – either up or down. What’s color is your money on? Black or Red?

3:09pm EDT: Oh, I completely forgot to mention today: I updated the evil.rat and resident.evil stats/graphs – please go and take a look.

3:33pm EDT: Guess we have our answer – tape is goig to shit right now. Expected someone to step in around 3:30pm but I think they are now participating in the sell off. No cookies (i.e. 900) for Mole.

3:40pm EDT: Check this out:

This scenario would be fairly cruel – remember, nothing is linear in this market. Always have to think what move screws most participants.

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