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An Important Announcement

An Important Announcement

An Important Announcement

by The MoleSeptember 13, 2023

It’s been two weeks since my last post, and by now you may be wondering what the heck I’ve been up to lately. Contrary to swirling rumors I didn’t embark on an extended vacation (although I could use one) and I also haven’t joined some religious crypto cult and cast aside all earthly possessions.

What I have been doing is a bit of soul searching, reflecting on the past two decades of my trading career, assessing where I am in life, and most importantly: where I should direct my efforts moving forward.

As you know over the past few years I’ve been increasingly immersed in all things crypto, which has always been a controversial sector to say the least. But I saw a unique opportunity and was determined to take advantage.

Although I never abandoned my stock and options related initiatives I’ve ended up investing a huge amount – not just money, but time, effort, and emotion.

The past few years have been a rough ride, on many fronts, but on the crypto end most of all. Just consider that the last ATHs occurred in November of 2021 – that’s nearly 500 days ago!

Since then the sector has managed to shed over 50% of its valuation and despite a marked bounce earlier this year the current situation continues to be ambivalent.

Maybe the now overwhelmingly negative sentiment we see everywhere is a sign of a long term floor in place, and perhaps in a few weeks we’ll be back in bulltard mode.

But to be quite blunt about it: It’s been a LONG time sitting put and I’m tired of waiting for Godot.

Plus the past few years have re-taught me the benefits of diversification. In my defense, I have maintained my stock and options related trading and even managed to build up an impressive track record.

But I rarely talked about it publicly as of late, and that’s about to change.

Now before the cryptobros (and gals) among you freak out: This does not mean I plan on abandoning any of my crypto related work, my services, or my existing clientele.

All of that will continue as is and I plan on picking up the pace as soon as the market finally emerges out of hibernation, be this next week or a year from now.

But in my soul searching I had to embrace the fact that it didn’t make much sense to constantly keep harping about a sector that very few at best are currently interested in.

As you can imagine it takes quite a bit of mental energy to produce valuable content for an audience when a) the sector is in turmoil or has rarely has any good news to report and b) the audience has increasingly lost interest.

Not exactly a recipe for success. And it’s not fun either.

My prime directive from the launch of Evil Speculator in 2008 has always been to align myself with what my audience wants, what it needs to be successful, and to provide the services and tools necessary to maintain an edge in the market.

It’s what I’m good at, it’s what I was born to do, and it’s what I live for.

And it’s due time to go back to doing that.

So to make a long story short: After nearly two years stuck in the crypto bullpen I decided to sharpen my pencils and go back to the drawing board.

Over the summer I’ve invested several hundred hours into a project I had already planned on realizing for several years.

It’s come full circle, refocusing on the stock market, and mapping out how I can provide the most value to you as a trader over the coming months and years.

And to be honest, it has given me a lot of excitement, and I’m starting to experience that same sense of thrill as I did back in the early days of Evil Speculator, when I helped many people transform their trading careers.

Plus it feels like perfect timing, because the current economic situation is quite reminiscent of the situation we faced in 2008.

Back then, everyone was hoping that the crisis would result in a cleansing of the financial system – that it would wash away all the dirt, the corruption, and lead us to more equitable financial system that wasn’t as vulnerable and prone to manipulation.

Well, except that it never happened. Instead, we got the opposite as the proverbial can was kicked down the road going on 15 years now, along with many predictable consequences.

We’re now quickly approaching the end of that road and a lot of people are finally forced to take notice. Safe to say it’s been a turbulent couple of years, with increasing de-dollarization, horrid political decisions on all fronts, rampant inflation, social turmoil, and more.

What’s worse: people all slowly realizing that this may be just the beginning. That life will be more difficult moving forward, that there will be a struggle, and that many will need help and guidance – just like they did back in 2008.

And that will be my mission going forward – to cut through the noise, improve your trading life, help you win in the market, and give you what you need to maintain the sustainable edge.

To that end, over the past two months, I’ve been revamping  the market statistics tool I’ve built many years ago into a weekly statistical scanner that will offer us unique and valuable insights we can leverage when placing our stock and options trades.

Now I could bore you with a lengthy explanation, but as I’m putting the finishing touches on it right now it’ll be much more effective to just show you how it’s done over the course of the next two weeks.

See you soon.

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