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March 31, 2021

Never Step In Front Of A Freight Train

If this market has proven anything to us then by now then it is that it wants to go up up up, and then up some more. Which of course makes absolutely no sense given that we are still battling a worldwide viral epidemic which, among many other aspects of our lives, has wiped out a huge swath of our global economies. However having the benefit of following the market’s gyration for over 20 years now I’ve long learned that what makes common sense – at least according to the basic rules of economics –  unfortunately very has little to do with actually happens in the financial markets. For this is war and if this game was easy then everyone would be winner. But the [...]

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March 29, 2021

Approaching The Wall

Last week turned into a complete and utter roller coaster which traversed not only the entire weekly expected move but did so in both directions. Moves like these usually serve to confuse the average retail participant but they often present unique profit opportunities to savvy option traders. In fact what transpired once again confirms what I have been preaching here over the past year as well as the trading approach I outlined in my RPQ options courses.

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March 22, 2021

The Art Of Swinging For The Fences

A subscriber who bought my Options 201 course wrote me today asking for some clarification on how to best stack your weekly butterflies. There were four aspects to his inquiry, namely: 1) which expiration to choose on which days of the week 2) how to distribute your exposure 3) deciding directional bias and 4) structuring ones trade based on the current IV environment. Let’s tackle these questions one by one:

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March 18, 2021

Down But Not Out

I received a few emails asking about my posting schedule this week, and clearly it was from people who had not seen the heads up I posted last Sunday. So, just to ease everyone’s mind and to stave off further inquiries here’s the elevator version of what’s going on: I had eye surgery yesterday (acquired strabismus) which prevented me from putting up a post. Everything appears to have gone well, meaning I can still see with my left eye but my face looks like as if I just went three rounds with Jerry Quarry. And that’s pretty much how I feel as well, meaning I’m still a bit out of it.

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