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December 12, 2018

Santa’s VIX Buy Signal

Santa checked his stock portfolio yesterday and finally decided that he was done playing nice. Waved his magic wand, which strangely enough looks a bit like a switchblade from certain angles, and poofff – we suddenly got a VIX Buy Signal on the roster. Which is exactly what I was waiting for and represents one of the reasons why I took out a lottery long just before the EOS yesterday. Thank  you Santa!

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October 16, 2018

VIX Buy Signal Received

MILLENNIAL TRIGGER WARNING: if you happen to be permabear then please top reading and immediately proceed to your safe space or nearest sensory deprivation chamber. For you are most definitely not going to like this post as it contains unpixeled bullish imagery as well as politically incorrect discourse. For everyone else: Our millimeter wave array in the Atacama desert has received a mysterious signal and expert consensus at this time points toward a VIX Buy Signal.

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January 23, 2018

VIX Buy Triggered

Just in case the featured clickbait image got you here: A VIX Buy signal probably doesn’t mean what you think it means as it’s actually relative to equities, and thus inverts on the VIX. In other words a VIX Buy signal suggests higher prices in equities and a drop in implied volatility across the board. Be this as it may – one triggered yesterday and one wonders if this market could get any stranger.

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August 14, 2017

VIX Buy Signal Issued

It seems we once more have been spared from nuclear annihilation. Although if  you somehow got clickbaited into any of the MSM shill pieces on North Korea then you’re probably reading this cowered below your bunkbed in your make shift nuclear bunker. I for one couldn’t be less worried, as years of consuming massive amounts of GM wheat beer has effectively rendered me impervious to any type of radiation. I don’t even use a flashlight at night anymore as certain body parts have started to emit an orange glow.

Alright you market mutants, it’s time to pay attention. There is a pretty good chance that we’re going to see a bonafide confirmed VIX [...]

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