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Wicked Wednesday Wrap Up

Wicked Wednesday Wrap Up

by The MoleMay 4, 2011

Without much further ado here’s today’s wrap up on the spoos – pretty clear signal day so few comments:

Trading can be easy and $49/month for the Zero can spare you a lot of grieve – heck, it’s a buck less than one ES handle 😉



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  • ds2

    The CME hikes margin levels on silver by 17% to $18.9K. It's the 4th bump in the last 8 sessions.

  • molecool

    “I don’t have to take this abuse from you. I’ve got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.”

  • teslaman

    I would like to contribute my take at the market. I have been following the EvilSpeculator “project” with great interest and respect. I refer to it as project because thats how I see it. Today I felt that I should share my complete prediction of this tape for the rest of the year and the next.

    1. We are at a junction point were the mkt will head higher from here until the last week of May.
    2. June will be marked with great volatility. We will have a sell-off not more than 1000dow points. This fall will be a terroristic act to oblige congress to increase the f*** debt cealing in order to extend the probability of default to the following year. Signals of long sentiment will reappear during the last week of June and the first of July.
    3. July: Long.
    4. August: Long
    5. September: Testing of the all time highs in all indexes. Testing volatile. Small sell-off.
    6. October: Long. All time highs in all indexes breached. Extreme bullishness. Possibility of reaching all time new highs and market “tops” in all indexes at 98%.
    7. November: Signs of downtrend. Choppy downwards. Short positions.
    8. December: Confirmation of downtrend. Signs of P3. Net Short.
    9. January: P3 confirmed. Net Short.
    10. 01/02/12 – 01/10/12: P3 in full effect. Global systemic sell-off. All market supports breached… Market bottom possibly between 2800-3500 Dow points at the end of the year.

    Call me a crazy mofo or whatever… but this is all I really see coming on the horizon.

  • Onorio

    Yesterday candle show sign of a trend change, today candle confirm that we`re ahead of some kind of retrace.

  • Aaron J Butler

    Here's my really simple technical big-picture take: I've been looking at long-term charts a lot the last few days, given the recent spy breakout. The other two times the SPY crossed 130 from below, then pulled back to 125 and shot up again, it didn't hit real resistance until 155. That was in 1999 and 2006. Now it's done it again in 2011 — crossed 130, pulled back to 125, and pushed on through 130 to 136.

    The lower dollar and inflation both only give the SPY additional juice this time. In other words, SPY could bust on through 160 and keep going. Eleven years after hitting 155 for the first time, is that so hard to imagine? Are we really overextended at this point, after 11 years of pullbacks from that line, and dollar devaluation?

    To me, until we break strongly below SPY 130, history is dictating that we are heading to 155, with a possible breakout beyond. If we hit SPY 125 again, I'll have to reconsider, but until then I'm just positioning for a bullish explosion.

  • OllyVaradi

    What do you base those assumptions on?

  • TheBHBgroup

    They are breaking the back of the speculator in metals….very interesting times. One by one the CME can lower inflation with these margin hikes….g-d bless Amerika!

  • Thunder44

    What song is that.

  • molecool

    How about the signal – does it make sense?

  • convictscott

    Agree 100%. IMO the short term direction is very unclear. I couldnt go short from here without a retrace. I wouldnt get long here either

  • convictscott

    Well a 17% margin hike is pretty reasonable considering the increase in price over the last month. It still amounts to 13:1 leverage

  • Joe_Jones
  • convictscott

    AUD just fell off the plate, wiping me out of a long with 1R profit in the blink of an eye, with 8 points a contract slippage… ouch!

  • DarthTrader

    Only the Johnny come lately specs those who have been in the trade for months if not years can handle these margin hikes with ease.

  • jigdaddy

    does anyones charting software have the ability to compare AGQ to FAZ (2008 -2009 rise and fall)

  • molecool

    Looks like it's going to 1.062 now.

  • DarthTrader

    Problem with that Jigs is they do those reverse splits.… just move the cursor to the left

  • Planspieler

    honestly, i dont see the value add from 0 in the vid…. i am a subscriber…rgds

  • Scrillhound

    aha… just another dip to buy more physical.

  • ds2

    The zero is all about divergences leading up to reversals. Today wasn't the best example but it is there. Price made a lower low but the zero made a higher low. Then the zero went positive made a nice high and then a lower high. Price made a higher high – time for another reversal. Look at today's zero pic and see if you see what I mean. If you do, then go back and watch the vid a few times.

  • convictscott

    Thats a very very complex and detailed prediction.

    Like all predictions of its type, its complete rubbish. The markets are simply NOT predictable to that degree, that far out.

  • raised_by_wolves

    Crazy mofo!

  • rainiereagle

    this is a very good post. with still a sizable amount of bearish opinions flowing around the internet, i see a lot of merits in this analysis.

  • rainiereagle


  • molecool

    How long have you been a sub?

  • convictscott

    ¨°º¤ø„¸ N E W „ø¤º°¨
    ¸„ø¤º°¨ P O S T “°º¤ø„¸

  • Planspieler

    3 months

    Am 05.05.2011 um 08:03 schrieb “Disqus” <>:

  • molecool

    Send me an email to admin@ and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

  • Thunder44

    yeah the signal made sense,could you tell me the name of the song,please.